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One of the things parents struggle with is figuring out which direction to go when their kids start asking for cell phones. Many of the major carriers now have family plans and so they are trying to get your business by catering more to children.

But when you go with a family plan, there are no parental controls and your child will be sharing minutes with you so that means they need to be responsible and educated about cell phones. The last thing you want as a parent is to find out your child was the reason you went way over your allotted minutes and now are being charged 20 cents per minute for all the extra minutes.

Younger kids getting their own phone would probably be best off with a service like Kajeet. That way, the parent is in total control and they have a nice selection of phones so that the child is sure to be happy as well. You can choose from many different plans, get unlimited texting, and even GPS so this service is great for kids of all ages. If you are a parent who wants to be able to monitor how your child uses their cell phone, Kajeet is a great place to start.

For parents of older kids, maybe 13 to 18, you might be thinking of just putting them on your family plan. Your child might already have had a phone before and be responsible enough to have gained your trust. T-Mobile has a family plan where it is just $5.00 more per phone per month and they will share the minutes with you. The drawback is that the parent will have no control over any aspect of how the child uses the phone and there has to be a lot of trust to know that the child will not run up the minutes. (Verizon & AT&T have family plans for $9.99 per additional phone)

T-Mobile is just one of the carriers that offers family plans and they are understandably popular because it is easy to add another phone and be done with it. But making sure the family doesn’t exceed their minutes can become a challenge when you suddenly have a 3rd or 4th line and it is quite expensive to buy an unlimited minutes plan at any of the phone carriers.


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