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I volunteer at a church gym and recreation center that is free for any child that is in the 7 grade up to the 12th grade. They have a basketball court, climbing wall, game room with pool and ping pong tables, a very nice skate park outside, as well as a cafe with food that is reasonably priced. It is a wonderful place where parents can drop off their kids in the afternoons and be sure that they are in a safe environment with lots of things to do.

Even though high schoolers are very welcome to be there, it ends up that most of the children are in the 7th to 9th grade. I guess the 15 to 18 year olds are too cool for a place like that.

Most Of The Kids Have A Smartphone

Through the many months of my volunteering at this church facility, I have been able to watch the kids interact and play with one another. The girls are different than the boys because they are more social and they spend less time playing games and a lot more time talking with one another. The boys are much more likely to be playing basketball, kicking a ball around, at the skate park, and doing other physical activities.

But one thing is clear: it is a MUST to have a smart phone at that age because almost all of them have one.

The girls social lives seem to revolve around their phones. They are CONSTANTLY (and I mean every 3 to 5 minutes) checking for new messages and showing each other pictures. The girls often travel in groups from one place to another really doing nothing other than talking and they alway have that phone in their hands or close by in an easily accessible pocket.

Most of the boys also have smart phones but they are more likely to put them down or in a backpack while they play. Some of them socialize but a majority of them are there to play. Nevertheless, even though the boys are not glued to their phones as much as the girls, you can tell they are still very important to them.

What is the phone of choice? The most popular are the iPhones (almost all of them the 4 or 4S models) with a few Samsung Galaxies thrown in. Clearly these kids are using their parents hand me down smartphones which is the way most families deal with the problem of how to get their kids a good phone (that they actually want) without it breading the bank.

iPhone 4




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