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It is becoming quite common for parents to pass on their used smart phones to their children when it is time for an upgrade. If you go to any Junior High school today, you might be shocked at how many kids have smart phones (its a REALLY high number!). Parents in general it seems, are becoming more and more comfortable giving their kids their phones and letting them dabble in the social networks, photo taking and sharing, surfing, and whatever else young kids do with a smart phone.

However, it is wise to put some sort of a leash on your child that is getting that first smart phone. One way to do that is with a contract between the two of you that clearly states what is expected for the privilege of having that phone.

Take a look at a sample contract below and see if that is something you might want to have your child sign. Clearly explaining the rules AND expectations of having a smart phone allows your child to understand upfront what is expected of them. A contract also helps cement the idea that the phone is not theirs and can be taken away at any time if the rules aren’t followed.

Kids Cell Phone Contract


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