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If you are looking for a simple starter phone with few bells and whistles for your young child, Just5 should be a consideration. They have three different phone models that all come with big buttons which are great for small kids. Plans start at just $10!

Just5 kids phones

These phones are typically sold to seniors but the features (or lack of them) and ease of use are selling points for parents with young kids as well. They have an emergency button that can be used to call contact that is preprogramed onto the phone. These phones also have amplified sound which is of course great for seniors but will work great with kids too.

Just5 offers three cell phones ranging in price between $75 to $99. All phones come with NO activation fees and all their pricing plans come with NO contract. This means you pay month to month and can stop at any time. Please click the image below for a larger picture:

Just5 phone plans

As you can see, many of the phones are very colorful which will appeal to kids of all ages. These phones from Just5 offer the basic services of calling and texting (texting comes with some plans) and nothing more so it is ideal for a kid’s first phone.



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