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My 5 Year Old Wants A Phone!

Thats right….just 5 years old and he is already asking every week for a cell phone because several kids in his day care have them.

It happens so fast: first they start with the iPad watching cartoons on Netflix and other places. The iPad becomes the first thing they ask for every morning and they will keep trying whether you let them have it or not. Then they discover Siri and think that she is a real person. Siri can keep a youngster occupied for quite some time and she becomes the gateway for them to make calls and use FaceTime. 

Whether you give your child access to a tablet or a phone, they will quickly learn that cell phones are a connection to the outer world and to people like Grandma and Grandpa. Then they start wanting their own phone because who wants to struggle with parents all the time who try to limit their time on the various devices?

I didn’t know what a phone was when I was five years old and it was probably many years before I did. But things are different now and kids wan’t to be “connected” just like their parents do. 

Unfortunately we have a new addiction problem: no longer is it alcohol or drugs but instead the lure of electronic devices that can and are totally dominating our lives. 


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