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By far one of the most popular cell phones for kids is the TicTalk LeapFrog. You get a┬áparent controlled pre-pay cell phone with lots of features just for kids. From learning and arcade style games, to recording your own ring tones, the phone makes sure kids think it’s every bit as cool as an adult phone.

You as a parent can control all incoming and outgoing calls, and even set limits and time of day the phone can be used for non emergency calls (like calls to friends). You can control the phone’s features conveniently online at www.mytictalk.com, and that’s also where you purchase minutes. The phone is intended for ages 6 and up, and the learning games go from grade 1-6 featuring Math, Spelling, Science, and Social Studies.

The place to get the best price for this phone is right here – TicTalk LeapFrog



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