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Are you are a parent with a teenager (or younger child) who just got their first smartphone? There are a lot of pitfalls and land mines out there (bullying, sexting, viewing inappropriate material, etc) and keeping tabs on how they use those cell phones is a priority to many parents.

As a parent you should  be upfront with your child and tell them the truth: you need to monitor and see what they are doing on those phones. Privacy at that age is not their right, it is something they have to earn. But how can you keep track of what they do all the time?

Luckily, there are some apps that will let you keep a close watch on all their phone activities and many of them work for both Apple IOS and Android. Please watch this short video that will detail five different Apps that you might consider for the job:

APPS reviewed in this video are:

1) My Mobile Watchdog – 7 day free trial and $4.95 per month after that. You can cancel any time but only available for Android.

2) Net Nanny – various prices for different devices

3) Norton Family Parental Control – They have a free version and a paid version

4) App Certain – Free iTunes download

5) K 9 Web Protection Browser – Free for Apple IOS and Android


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