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3/26/2013 Update – This phone is no longer available and from my research I have not been able to find any Disney cell phone on the market. There are lots of Disney accessories (like cases, protectors, etc) available to use on phones but there are no phones that are made by Disney or for Disney at this time.

If you are looking for a good phone with great parental controls that comes with no contract please see my review of the Kajeet cell phones for kids service.


If you are trying to find cell phones for kids that are in their teens, you might take a look at the Disney Mobile phone that is put out by LG. This phone is a real flip phone like the adult phones but it is really made for older teens.

This phone hasĀ a ton of extras including text messaging, GPS capabilities, Blue Tooth, voice dialing, caller ID, camera, and a color screen. The really nice thing this phone has is the feature called Family Monitor which allows parents to monitor and limit the amount of minutes to be used and text messages to be sent. If your child reaches the limit you set, you will get an alert notifying you.

You can get the best price here for the Disney Mobile LG phone.



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