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Cell Phones For Kids

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Many kids get their first ever cell phone during the summer. Parents decide that their child will be going into the next grade and that now is the time to buy them a phone. Kids go to summer camp, sleep overs, and have other activities that might take them out of the house and away from their parents so they might actually need a cell phone.

What are some of the things a parent should be considering before buying that phone? What types of lessons should they be teaching their child before allowing them to have that added responsibility of having and using a cell phone? There is definitely a lot of ground that needs to be covered before any parent just hands their child a cell phone, even if it isn’t a smart phone that connects to the Internet. Listed below are some things to think about:
cell phone checklist

There are lots of different options out there for kids cell phones and depending on what you finally decide to give your child, the lessons and instruction might change. For instance, some parents give their kids a hand me down phone that is connected to the family plan. Other parents give their children a much simpler and basic phone that can only do a few things and is not connected to the Internet.

No matter what kind of phone you get your child, make sure you take the time to show them what your expectations are in regards to the way they use the phone. Kids need to be told exactly what is expected of them and shown what is right and wrong. As parents, you need to start right from day 1 with laying down the cell phone laws otherwise your child will not respect the added responsibility they have been given and not understand how expensive even a cheap cell phone is.

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