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Cell Phones For Kids

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Kids Cell Phones

make sure you are prepared for the possibility that the phone will get wet, damaged, and ruined!

The trend in recent years is for kids to be getting more and more expensive phones. For teens especially, those cheap flip phones are an insult. As technology advances and parents become more comfortable with the whole “kids having cell phones” thing, they also become more comfortable buying higher priced phones.

But those higher priced phones, especially smart phones, can be ruined and/or lost very easily. And then what?

Water and cell phones don’t mix AT ALL even though you might think that today’s phones will probably fair alright if they get wet.

Believe me, you don’t want to test that theory as both my husband and I have ruined a cell phone by inadvertantly exposing it to water. Even getting them wet in rain or snow may completely ruin that wonderful new smartphone.

Winter Means Cell Phone Danger In The Elements

It is now winter and winter means bad weather. Rain, snow, mud and all the things kids love to run around and play in and they are all enemies of electronics. When I (and maybe you) were growing up that wasn’t a problem as our pockets were empty or at least empty of anything the elements could damage. But in the pockets of today’s children are cell phones that in some cases are really little computers.

Many (most?) kids don’t understand the true value of money and so they can’t comprehend how many hours their parents had to work to pay for their new Christmas phone. To them, it is just another toy that is most likely replaceable. Break it or lose it? Most kids would assume another will given to them in short order.

Explain The Consequences

Cell phones are expensive and THAT is what parents need to talk to their kids about before they take full ownership of their new phone. If they break, lose, or damage the new phone they need to fully understand that the next phone they get will be the cheap flip phone.

For many kids, a cell phone might be the first thing they will own that really needs to be taken care of and guarded with care. This needs to be carefully explained to them so they fully understand and can try their hardest to make it last.

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