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Cell Phones For Kids

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There is no doubt that cell phones are changing the way our kids behave, especially the way they interact with other kids and adults. It is really hard to get today’s youth to put down their cell phones! Really hard! (See the short video below about what cell phones are doing to kids)

When I grew up, there was little for a kid to do except play with their friends: often times outdoors or indoors doing something if the weather dictated. We had television of course, but my hours on it were limited and I was never allowed to watch TV during the day when I should be outside playing or doing homework. Video game consoles where just starting to come out and my family never got one but I did occasionally get to play a little on a friends system. VERY occasionally.

Today’s kids have a much different life: it seems every kid has an Xbox or some other system and now we have the cell phone craze. “The pose”, as I like to call it, is the one you see over and over with kids (and adults) holding their smart phone in front of their face. They are oblivious to everything going on around them and they really don’t care what is happening. All they care about is what is on that silly cell phone screen.

Cell phones have become a substitute for real interaction with people. Little by little, our kids are learning how to substitute real life for the fake life on their screens (computer, TV, and cell phone). Our children today are growing up never learning the social skills they will need to just live life and be around people. Its very sad and this is what many parents worry about as they contemplate when to get their kids their first cell phone. The longer they can hold out, the longer they avoid the inevitable infatuation their child will have with their phone.

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