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Cell Phones For Kids

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Kids that are 3 to 9 (or even older) might be too young to have a cell phone. It depends on a lot of things of course, but most important is how the parents feel about their child having a phone at such a young age.

Filip is something new that will be out later in 2013 and it solves a lot of the problems that parents have when it comes to keeping track of their children and having a way to locate and talk to them. These very cool colorful “watches” are really devices that will stay on your child’s wrist and will help the parent always be able to contact their child (and vice versa).

You set the Filip up with your iPhone or Android phone and pay a monthly fee for the service. Right now the cost of the Filip and the monthly service are yet to be determined.

The features of a Filip are as follows:

CALLING: It is a small cell phone that has 2 way voice and you should get similar coverage that you would from your smartphone.

LOCATING: The Filip will always be able to locate your kids. It uses GPS as well as cell tower location with Wi-Fi triangulation to give you accurate information both indoors and outdoors.

EMERGENCIES: The Filip has an emergency button that triggers an automatic location beacon, ambient sound recording, as well a direct line to emergency services if parents or family cannot be reached.

TECHNOLOGY: Filip is is both powerful  and safe because the state of the art radio functions comply with the strictest safety tests and FCC requirements. Filip is also uniquely designed to only emit radio energy when active, and to direct that energy away.

The Filip is a watch, cell phone, GPS locator, and emergency communicator all rolled into one. Best of all, it comes in a design that your child is sure to love and WANT to wear. No texting, Internet, or calling unwanted numbers like so many parents are afraid of. The kids just wear the device and parents can rest easy knowing their children can be found if necessary. To learn more about the Filip check it out here.

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