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Cell Phones For Kids

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When your child somehow turns into a young adult (ages 15 to 18?), it becomes harder for parents to keep control of them. It can be a scary time when they start questioning all the rules and want to do things their own way.

Young kids will accept and be happy with most any cell phone they get. They will be ecstatic just to have a phone at all. But each year they will want more. They will say their friends have better phones and they will want more privileges with their phone.

At some point they will want a smart phone and that can mean some real soul searching for parents who don’t want to have the full capabilities of a smart phone available to their teenager. For parents like this is something called K9 Web Protection. You can read more about it here and download browsers for both Apple (iOS & OS X) and Android operating systems.

Protecting your child from¬†malware and inappropriate websites should be of great importance to any caring parent. K9 will work on your/their home computers as well as on their phones and/or iPod Touches. While it isn’t foolproof (what is?), it will certainly give you a leg up on keeping them away from things they shouldn’t be viewing and doing on the Web.

Most teenagers either have or want a smartphone. It is a battle no parent can win unless you just can’t afford one. So for most parents that means facing the harsh reality that their child will have at their disposal a tool that can give them full access to the Internet unless you step in and do something. That something might be K9 Web Protection so check it out to see if it will help your child stay safe.


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