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Cell Phones For Kids

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Kids are always looking for ways to circumvent their parent’s desires. Even though a parent may want the best for their child, it is near impossible to keep tabs on what can be damaging with the Internet, cell phones, apps, and all the other technology coming at us.

There is no way around the fact that cell phones ¬†are a big part of any teen’s life. That means they want to use them for everything they can possibly be used for, whether their parents want them to or not. And if they have to fool their parents and hide things from them, most teens will do it with little thought.

There is the mosquito ringtone that has such a high pitch that most parents can’t even hear their kid’s phone ringing. The newest thing every parent should be aware of is an app called Snapchat that lets anyone send a picture or message to another phone or device with the promise that what they send will automatically disappear after a specified number of seconds.

Snapchat seems pretty harmless until you start to think about it. Kids just don’t understand that they shouldn’t trust the Internet and ANYTHING they put on it may, or will, stay there forever. Even though a Snapchat picture or message may disappear in a “snap”, there is nothing to prevent the recipient from quickly taking a picture of it (with another app) and saving it. Further research has also shown that certain software can be used to retrieve almost anything on a cell phone, including Snapchat pictures.

One of the reasons the Internet is so frightening for parents is that kids and teenagers just don’t understand the full implications of their actions on it. For that matter, many adults don’t understand it either. The smart phones that so many teens have today are really little computers and give them access to all sorts of apps that have become increasingly anti parenting.

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