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Cell Phones For Kids

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This is the first generation of kids that is growing up using cell phones. Whether it is a child’s first simple phone with several buttons at age 7, or a 16 year old’s first smart phone, chances are that both children will be wildly excited. Never before in the history of man has there been something that all children anticipate getting like a cell phone.

And that is something parents might consider using to their advantage!

As parents know, there are all sorts of punishments that can be levied on little ones and not so little ones. “Time out” seems to be the time tested strategy that every parent uses but frankly, it never worked too well with my daughter. I’ve also noticed that it does little to deter my nephew from his nefarious ways as he just sits through it and then goes back to creating chaos.

Then there is spanking (and worse), giving chores, losing privileges, sending them to their room, making them do pushups, as well as probably hundreds more things you can think of to try to exact discipline on a child.

But one thing seems to work better than all the rest in 2013: Using the cell phone as a bargaining chip to get a desired behavior. 

Never before have parents had something that can be so effective in getting a child to behave. Cell phones are like drugs to a kid: they want them, need them, just have to have them. Take one away and it can seem like the end of the world to a child, especially the older ones.

There is no doubt that learning how to parent with all the technological devices available today can be a real challenge. Shielding kids from things they shouldn’t see or do can be extremely difficult, especially when a child is constantly trying to figure work arounds. But these devices can be used by savvy parents as leverage and what a powerful leverage tool they can be.

Threaten to take a cell phone away from a teen and you will get instant results: they may be bad or good results but you will certainly get their attention. Cell phones have become kid’s lifeblood, their identity, and their social proof. As a parent you have ultimate control of that phone and you can use it to make sure a child listens to you and does what you say. Or else that phone gets locked in a drawer!


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