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Cell Phones For Kids

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Lots of parents would like to give their kids their old hand-me-down smart phones but they don’t want to give them access to all the things a phone like that can do. If that sounds like the situation you are in, kytephone might have an App that will solve your problem.

First of all, Kytephone only works with Android phones right now so anyone with an old iPhone is out of luck. With the use of a password that the parent sets, it will turn and old smartphone into something that can be used by a child without all the worry of them getting into trouble doing things you don’t want them to do.

The App allows you to change the home screen they will see on the smart phone and control what numbers they can call and what games they can play. It has a GPS feature as well that you can use to track their whereabouts from your computer or tablet.

The parental controls Kytephone provides should be just what many parents are looking for who are hesitant to give their kids a full fledged smartphone but would really like to in order to save money. You can checkout Kytephone here.

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