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Cell Phones For Kids

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For the first time ever, we now have no landline phone or cable TV in our house.

It started out with our “bundling” package going up again. We did some research and decided that most of the shows we watch on television can be found for free online or bought through iTunes for way less than the $100 per month we were paying for cable. Live sports is the one thing my husband will miss but he can get his baseball via Apple TV so he agreed to get rid of the cable.

Then we realized we were paying $40 or so for a land line phone no one used and the only calls we get are solicitors so why not do away with that also? I think more and more families are cutting out their landline phone now that everyone has cell phones.

But what does this mean for the kids in the family, especially if they are too young to have their own cell phone?

When all of us parents grew up (without any cell phones at all I might add), there was ONLY a landline phone. When I was a young girl and one of my friends called to talk to me, they called my house phone. My Mom or Dad would answer (in my early years) and then hand the phone to me. In order to get to me, my friends had to go through one of my parents by being polite to them and asking nicely to speak to me. They even had to have a short conversation with my Mom who would inquire as to how they were doing or some other small talk questions.

It was the same general scenario if I wanted to call one of my friends.

But what about today in a world where many families don’t have a house (landline) phone anymore? Their kids are cut off unless they get a cellphone too. So do these families give 6 to 8 year olds a cell phone? I guess they do and that is why phone manufacturers are targeting kids now too.

With no house landline phone, how do parents teach proper phone etiquette to their youngsters? All most teenagers know how to do is stare blankly at a smart phone as they text one another. They know how to Facetime with Grandma too which isn’t a bad thing I guess. Its certainly different than when I grew up in the 80’s.

In my day, everything was in a much more controlled environment and I have just realized that our family is moving away from the old ways as well. Our daughter is old enough to have a cell phone now so the loss of the land line won’t affect her in any way. She wants the cable TV but that was an easy overrule for us.

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