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Cell Phones For Kids

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I think it is safe to say that all of America has been appalled at what happened at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Connecticut on Friday. Without a doubt, it is the worst nightmare for any parent.

This tragedy has renewed a firestorm of debates on gun control, what to do with the mentally ill, and how to keep our children safe at school.

But one thing is for sure: more parents today are buying their kids cell phones after what happened in Connecticut. We all know it could have happened in any school in any town in America and parents want to be able to contact their children if they need to.

All the uncertainty surrounding what age to get a child their first cell phone, what kind of phone to get, and how parents should monitor their kid’s cell phone use has temporarily at least, gone out the window. Right now many parents don’t care about anything other than being able to call their child and have their child call them. Calling and texting to keep the lines of communication open in case of emergency.

This school shooting will be a boon for the cell phones companies and a tipping point for many parents that are on the fence on whether to get their child a phone for Christmas.

Make sure to checkout my list of the best cell phones for kids if you are a parent of a young one. And if you want a phone for your child that you can monitor, please read my review of the Kajeet phones as they have the best phones on the market with parental controls.



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