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Cell Phones For Kids

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As a parent, are you aware that cheating on tests in school with cell phones has become quite common? Never before have teachers at all levels had such a hard time of making sure the tests they give out are being taken legitimately. Kids don’t cheat like they used to by writing answers on their palms and ways like that. They don’t have to cheat that way anymore because they all have the Internet at their fingertips in the form of small smart phones.

There are ways for teachers to fight back though, and more of them are doing just that with all the new technology that is available today. If you are a parent, you should watch this video so that you can talk to your child about cheating and make sure they understand that it is wrong and that they will most likely get caught.

Teachers today have a few options for small concealed devices that will alert them when a cell phone is being used in class. The PocketHound and others like it are being used by astute teachers who want to make sure their classes and tests maintain integrity.

Cheating with cell phones is something that all parents should be aware of because no matter how good your child is, they will be exposed to friends who try to do it or your child might be tempted themselves.

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