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Cell Phones For Kids

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12 years old seems to be the most popular year for parents to allow their kids to get a cell phone (Obama’s kids have/had to be 12 before getting one) but some get them as young as ages 7 to 8. No matter what the age of your child, before you get them their first mobile phone you should do as much research as you can to find out what is really happening out there in the world of kids and phones.

AT&T had a survey done of more than 1000 parents and 500 kids to find out what their attitudes are about mobile phones for families. The cell phone has become an important part of many kid’s lives and it is important for all parents to understand what the pros and cons are of giving them that first phone. In order to teach them how to use it responsibly, parents need to fully understand what types of trouble can result from their young child having a phone.

A cell phone opens up a whole new world to a child and it is one they often access while they are away from home. That makes it extremely important for every parent to fully understand what types of things are going on and what kind of pitfalls exist. Sometimes parents have no idea how their kids are using their cell phones and what bad things can happen.

You can read the results of the survey here.

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