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Cell Phones For Kids

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Getting your child a cell phone opens up a whole new world to them and parents need to understand what the risks are. Once a kid gets that first phone, there is no going back. Parents need to be ready to tackle everything that comes with their child owning a phone and they need to be vigilant to make sure the phones are being used properly. Unfortunately, that isn’t always possible.

I would recommend that kids who are younger be given phones that have parental controls. If you are not sure about that then please read this about sexual predators using cellphones to prey on kids and this about cell phones being used by kids for sexting and bullying. Don’t you think that your young child should be protected from that sort of thing for as long as possible?

You have to remember that these types of dangers didn’t exist when today’s parents were kids themselves. That is because cell phones hadn’t been invented yet. Parents in 2012 have brand new fears and obligations that parents before them never had to tackle. In many cases, there are dangers out there that today’s parents aren’t even aware of! I mean, who ever heard of or worried about “sexting” before now?

If you agree that cell phone parental controls are something you want in a child’s phone, I suggest your first stop be to the Kajeet cell phones for kids website. Of all the different companies that make cell phones, they are the one that takes pride in the extensive amount of control parents get when they purchase a phone for their child. It is their calling card so to speak.


  1. Kim Says:

    I think this is so important. Kids need to be taught that cell phones are a privilege not a right. I bought my first cell phone when I was 13. My parents never paid for my cell phone, I had to work and pay for it myself. Being a mom now myself, I can see how important it is to be able to stay in touch with your kids. I also want my kids to learn how to work for what they want though. I fully plan to buy my kids Kajeet phones when they are around 10 years old and use the parental controls to their full extent. I will ease off the controls a bit as they get older, but I will not be buying them nicer phones. The phones I buy my kids will be for my use to keep in touch with them, nothing else. As they get older and want to have nicer phones it will be their responsibility to work for it and pay for it themselves. They will still be under house rules with their phones (ie-turning in the phones at night- night time is when the googling becomes questionable, the text conversations become grayed).


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