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Cell Phones For Kids

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Summer will be here before you know it and with it will be a whole new group of parents who become interested in getting their young child their first cell phone. Kids often get their first cell phone for their birthday, Christmas, or right before summer. Summer means that kids are out playing with friends and parents like to know that they can contact their children where ever they are so many give in and get that phone their child has been begging for.

But for every parent, they must soon face the reality that a kids phone is not enough. No, in a year or two their child will outgrow any kids phone you get them and start wanting a “real” cell ¬†phone.

That Means They Want a Smartphone of Some Kind

Did you see the news of the survey done on teenagers that said more than a third of them have iPhones? Seriously? I really find those numbers hard to believe and hope it had to do with the areas and schools the survey was conducted.

Nevertheless, one thing is clear: kids continue to grow up fast and their demands/needs/wants keep escalating with no sign of them slowing down.

Right now there are hardly any companies left that make phones just for young kids. There is the leader Kajeet and behind them is Firefly. That is about it.

Moving Away From Kid Phones To Adult Phones

All the other kids phones aren’t really kid phones at all. The major carriers try to sell parents on the idea that their children should have “real” cell phones and most parents seem to be fine with that. The biggest trend is that a large number of parents just give their kids their hand me downs when they upgrade to the latest iPhone etc.

If parents don’t give their kids their cell phones they aren’t using, they might alternatively look for prepaid cell phones. But again, a prepaid phone is not a kids phone.

So, it seems the need for special cell phones made just for children is dying. All those parental controls that parents once demanded are going by the wayside. Parents in 2012 are themselves totally comfortable with using smart phones and many find it hard to live without them. It is understandable then that they are becoming increasingly comfortable with their children, no matter what their age, also having a real adult phone.

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