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Cell Phones For Kids

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One of the concerns parents of young kids have is that their child will get into trouble with their cell phones. Kids are impetuous and think that they can do no wrong which makes it easy for them to make mistakes. Even teenagers and young adults can make foolish decisions because they don’t have a whole lot of experience behind them.

While texting isn’t new anymore, many states still allow you to text while driving. Actually, over 30 states allow you to talk on a handheld phone while driving too! See the list of states and what they allow here.

The video below is a heartbreaking story of an 18 year old college student who in a fraction of a second lost her life as she slammed into a truck in front of her. She was speeding and texting at the same time while she drove home to visit her parents. This is what every parent who has a young child might fear will happen someday.

Parents can’t control what their kids do all the time and as they get older, they find themselves in less and less control. But teaching a child right away when they are young that you should NEVER text and drive is what all parents should be doing. Talking on a handheld phone is just about as bad.

I think it is only a matter of time before all states outlaw talking and texting on a handheld phone while driving. Like the seat belt law that is in place now, handheld phones will eventually be prohibited. This will never completely stop people from doing it but it will help. Until then, parents need to work overtime teaching their children to use technology safely. Texting is an especially dangerous thing to be doing while driving even though kids today think it is second nature. It only takes a second to have something terrible happen on the road.

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