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Cell Phones For Kids

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Are you worried about texting charges adding up for your teenager? Every parent who has a teen with a cell phone knows how much they text: more than they talk! That means you or they are probably paying for those texts in the form of a monthly charge and/or overcharges that are incurred when they go over their allotted number of texts.

Your kids can get around all texting charges if they start using a free download app by the name of WhatsApp Messenger. Anyone who has an iPhone, Android, Blackberry, or Nokia phone can use this app and you wont be charged any SMS charges because it uses your Internet data plan that you use for emailing.

The only real problem you might have getting your teenager to switch is that all their friends also need to start using WhatsApp as well. As long as your teen uses the app to text their friends who are also using the app, no texting charges will be incurred.

More and more phones for kids are of the smartphone variety and if your teen has one you might be very interested in lowering their texting charges. Getting them to start using WhatsApp to save money each month is a good way to do it.


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