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Cell Phones For Kids

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If you are searching for cell phones for young kids, you may know by now that there aren’t many of them. One you may have come across is the svp i-baby a88 which looks like this:
Unfortunately not much information can be found online about this phone and the reviews I could find were pretty much all negative. You can find the blue model here on Amazonwith one bad review and the pink model here on Amazon with 4 bad reviews. Both of these are supposedly unlocked which means you can use them with any carrier after you insert a sim card. HOWEVER, I have found sellers that say only AT&T and T-Mobile sim cards and plans can be used with this phone.

With the bad reviews, lack of information online, and being made by a company (SPV?) I have never heard of, this phone is one I would buy with caution. Yes, it does have the 4 programmable keys which parents of young kids like but there seems to be a lot of risk (per the user reviews) of whether you can get it to work.

To get a better selection of phones for young children and teens, please go to my best cell phones for kids page.

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