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Cell Phones For Kids

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Cancer is a great worry to all of us and the debate over whether cell phones contribute to it has been going on for years. The real fact is that no one knows for sure yet because it can take ten, twenty, or more years for cancer to show up.

A new BMJ study from Denmark was just released a few days ago where they studied all of the people in that country that have cell phone contracts. What did they find? So far there is no evidence that cell phone usage is tied to increased brain tumors or cancer risks.

But even though that study is the largest ever conducted, you can find varying opinions everywhere all over the Internet. For instance, the World Health Organization is unlikely going to change their view that the electromagnetic fields created by cell phones might be a disaster just waiting to happen. Likewise, this reporter is not convinced cell phones are safe for anyone and especially not children. She is especially concerned about the varying absorption rates of these mobile phones signals and notes that there is just too much that we don’t know at this time to be calling them safe. And MobileWise just plain believes that cell phones are not safe for kids because they are more vulnerable.

Of great concern to parents is the belief that children’s brains are developing and can be harmed more than an adult brain that is fully formed. This is one of the main reasons many parents don’t want to buy phones for kids when their children come begging for them. At least parents can delay the inevitable for awhile by not allowing their kids to have them at real young ages and someday, after more time has gone by for research purposes, we might have an answer that is more believable.

I think the bottom line is that no matter how many studies there are out there at the moment in 2011, the real truth about the cell phone – cancer debate may not be known for another 20 or more years. It is great that many studies look good so far but cell phones have really permeated our everyday life so much now that they are always in our hands or in a pocket and it is just too early to tell if they can cause damage.


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