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Cell Phones For Kids

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Cell phones give kids access to things that many parents would rather they not be exposed to, at least not at an early age. Technology in the hands of kids can be a little scary because you don’t want them to view and hear certain things that are above their age group. Actually all this new technology can be daunting for us adults as well!

The government has a website called OnGuard Online that is there to help you understand the pitfalls that are out there. They have all sorts of topics including sections on kid’s privacy, phishing scams, spyware, social networking sites, malware, and many others. It’s a great site that will help parents learn about all the things their children will soon want to get involved with, technology wise. It will help you help them avoid all the scams and dangers.

I thought this link to mobile apps could be beneficial to parents who want to learn more about what apps are as that is all everyone is talking about now. As your kids get older (and that happens fast!) they will start asking about and wanting to sign up for social networking sites as well as wanting to start downloading apps.

More and more of the phones for kids that go on the market are having all these Internet related features built in. Pretty soon it is going to be hard to find phones that don’t have these features and of course your kids are always going to want them. So, the more you learn about this technology, the better prepared you will be when dealing with your own children when they come begging for smart phones.


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