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Cell Phones For Kids

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It doesn’t matter whether you have young kids or teenagers, you should watch this video to remind yourself how important it is to teach your children to NEVER text while driving! Not only are the lives of kids at risk but anyone can get hit, injured, and/or killed by a driver who is texting. Texting has become a real hazard on the streets right up there with drunk driving.

The thing about kids of any age (and some adults too) is that they think they are indestructible. You probably know its true because chances are that you thought the same way when you were young. I know I did. Kids, teenagers, and young adults under 25 or 30 just don’t think anything will ever go wrong and that is when accidents can happen very quickly.

If you are looking for your kids first cell phone this warning video might not apply to you right now. However, you should always keep this in the back of your head because it won’t be long before they will want a phone that lets them text and not long after that they will be driving. Kids grow up so fast that you have to teach them the right and wrong ways of doing things very early on.

Ok, no more lecturing from me! I just saw this video and thought that it applies to all of us and especially to those of us with kids asking for cell phones.

(warning: a four letter word is repeated a couple of times in this video mainly out of astonishment)

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