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Have you heard something like this in your house before? It seems that cell phones, along with texting is the way teenagers spend a lot of their time now days. If a teenager want to be able to be with the “in” group, or almost any group, they need a cell phone. Texting seems to be the primary way teens communicate with each other when they are not in school. They all do it and it comes as naturally to them as talking on the phone does to us adults.

I rode the bus home from work the other day and two teenage girls got in and sat in the seats in front of me. I’d say they were about 15 or 16 years old, somewhere in that range anyway.¬†They started talking and then had to stop as one of their cell phones made that noise that phones make when a text comes in. The one girl quickly read the text and then you could tell her fingers were really going at it as she responded. She then pushed the final button, collapsed the phone, and stuck it back in her pocket.

The two girls started talking again and about a minute later you could hear that text chime that told her another message was just received. Pulling the phone out of her pocket, she proceeded to read it and respond just like the first time. Putting the phone back, they then started talking again.

This went on for about 5 more times and during about the fourth one, the other girl’s cell phone went off! Just like the first girl, the second girl started doing the same thing: reading messages, responding, putting away her phone, pulling it out again, and responding over and over.

The two girls didn’t have any time to talk to each other any more!

This very clearly showed me that this is the way teens communicate with each other in 2011 and beyond. Especially once you get to high school, if you want to have lots of friends and be part of most any group, you have to be social and to be social you need a cell phone that is easy to text with. You also need a phone plan that allows unlimited texts!

Kids have always had to deal with peer pressure in one form or another but today’s youth has it very different than kids did when I was growing up. We wanted the trendy clothes, the latest hair styles, and other simple things that we thought we needed to fit in and make friends. Teenagers today need all that AND they have to be part of the technological social revolution that is happening all around us.

In order to hang with the cool kids in 2011, you need a cell phone that can keep you in the loop. And for many of those teens, that means convincing their parents that they absolutely “need” them.


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