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Cell Phones For Kids

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Obviously, more kids than ever have cell phones as parents become increasingly comfortable with the technology. We now have children as young as 5 years old getting their first phone when they go off to kindergarten! That was unheard of 5 to 10 years ago.

Having travelled to Japan where cell phone etiquette is a priority, I am wondering how many parents in America are teaching their young children when and how they they should be using their phones? It seems many adults over here have no idea themselves about any sort of phone etiquette as you hear people all the time yakking away in public. Being polite and courteous to others seems to be something that you see less and less of these days.

Young children who get cell phones for kids need to be taught early when it is appropriate to use them and that there are certain places that their phone should be put on vibrate or turned off. Is this something you as a parent will take the time to teach them or will you assume they will learn it on their own?

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