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Cell Phones For Kids

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One of the reasons parents are hesitant to give kids their first cell phone is that it opens up a whole new world that they (the parents) have to keep track of and worry about. Case in point: kids texting one another.

Many phones for kids have texting capabilities and once they get into that, most parents are left behind. Texting carries with it a whole new language that is evolving all the time which makes it very hard to keep up with. Most parents don’t have the time to learn all the abbreviations and what they mean in order to protect their children and make sure they aren’t corresponding with people they shouldn’t and saying things they shouldn’t.

Kids love texting because they are good at it and it seems to come naturally to them. It is also their own code that adults don’t understand so they are naturally drawn to it. If you want to see just how extensive a list of text abbreviations is, take a look here to see how many of these you know. It is shocking how many of them are for swear words or for words that no parent would want their young child to learn. But kids will be kids and sooner or later, once a child starts texting, they will be exposed to many of those objectionable ones.

As a mother myself who uses a cell phone just to call people, I only know a handful of those abbreviations and I have NO desire to learn them just so I can find out what my daughter is saying to her friends! But what other option do I have?

Understandably, this is why some parents don’t want their kids to have a cell phone. At least they want to say “no” as long as possible to hold off this inevitable rush towards something that many find quite inappropriate and objectionable. It is becoming so hard these days to protect our children from society and preserve the innocence that they deserve.

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