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Cell Phones For Kids

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The Internet, while it has been around a while now, is still rather new and many of us are just getting used to it. Parents have a special challenge of figuring out what they should be allowing their children to do on it and how to limit their access. Clearly, parents should have different rules for different aged kids as it is not a good idea for an 8 year old to have access to all the websites a 15 year old does.

The Internet is a very personal decision for parents and their children. Some parents feel better totally shielding them from it as long as possible while other parents don’t care as much. No two situations are the same and Internet access and usage for kids will most likely perplex parents for generations to come.

Many kids cell phones come with the Internet or some form of it. Just the ability to text has many parents scared after all the hype about cyber bullies and sexting. This article summarizes how difficult it is to keep kids off of websites they shouldn’t be on and how social websites are now the common playground of teens.

Ultimately, the most effective thing parents can do is try to teach their children the difference between right and wrong. As children grow up, they need parents to be attentive to their needs and involved in their daily lives. Parents can try to use all the software blockers and other technology that is out there today but sooner or later a child will figure a way around it or be exposed to questionable things on the Internet away from their homes.

Cell phones for kids that allow access to the Internet can become a problem when they are in the hands of children, young and old, who have different maturity levels. If you are a Mom or Dad who is concerned about getting your child a cell phone because of all the trouble they can get into, finding one that has great parental controls is a good idea. Right now, Kajeet is a leader in that field and they have a nice selection of phones at different price points that should fit your child’s needs. They even have GPS features for an added monthly charge if that is something you desire.

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