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Cell Phones For Kids

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If you look at my list of the best cell phones for kids in 2011, you will notice that it is NOT a very big list. That is because there are very few phones that are being designed and made for small kids anymore. The trend is for parents to give their children the used phones they no longer need when they upgrade to the latest models. Most families just add their kids to the family plan because that is the simplest and often cheapest thing to do.

On my list of phones, the ONLY phone that has GPS features are the Kajeet phones. It’s too bad that there are so few options when it comes to GPS for kids cell phones but luckily Kajeet has it covered pretty well. The information below is take taken from their site:

Kajeet phones

To my knowledge, no other cell phone maker has this kind of child GPS locator / GPS feature on their phone. Again, all phones that you buy though the Kajeet website will have this feature and it costs an extra $7.99 per month to use it (the two most expensive plans include GPS in the price).

You will be able to get alerts sent to your mobile phone at predetermined times and be able to go online at any time as often as you want to track your child with the $7.99 service.┬áIf you want a more complete review of Kajeet and what they have to offer please go here – Kajeet review.

Another alternative is to buy a child locater such as the one from BrickHouse Security. With this you are getting something that functions as a watch but is really a GPS child locator. It attaches to your kid’s wrist and will alert you if it is taken off. You can get information about where your child is at any time via your cell phone or your computer and the Internet.

This wrist child locater is designed so that young children should not be able to remove it and that gives parents a more secure feeling than having the GPS in their phone that can be lost, misplaced, or turned off.


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