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Cell Phones For Kids

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Just last week the parents of a 13 year old girl in Oregon are glad their girl has a cell phone. While walking home Shelby Harrington was approached by a man who asked here for her name. Not wanting to give him any information she tried to walk away and then he grabbed her. She was able to break free and call her Dad on her cell phone.

The Dad, Brett Harrington got there quickly and then he and his daughter drove around looking for the guy. They did find him and restrained him until the police arrived.

Safety is one of the big reasons many parents are okay with their kids having cell phones and especially with teens, a story like this can hit home. Say what you may about all the pros and cons of cell phones for kids, it is a dangerous world we live in today and parents who have teenagers often feel better knowing that they have a cell phone with them. Never mind that they spend most of their time texting and fooling around with their phones, the fact that it is there when they REALLY need it is the important thing.

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