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Cell Phones For Kids

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Parents don’t all view the age debate the same when it comes to cell phones for kids. Some parents are adamant that they didn’t have a phone when they were a kid and their children don’t need one either. Yet in other instances, some parents are more technologically adept and accepting than other Moms and Dads and actually want their kids to have these new gadgets at a young age.

Right now in 2011, people who are old enough to be parents didn’t have a cell phone when they were young because there weren’t any back then. But as each year goes by, parents are getting closer to the age were they will have grown up with cell phones themselves. This means as the years go on, parents are probably going to be more and more receptive to allowing their children to have cell phones at very young ages. After all, they had them so why wouldn’t their kids as well?

Parents also have to deal with the fact that not every child matures at the same rate. It is well known that girls mature quicker than boys but does that mean your girl should get a phone before her brother? What does a parent do when they feel their child just isn’t ready for a cell phone but most of their classmates have one? It is a very difficult decision because those kids that don’t have cell phones definitely feel left out when most of the other kids in their class have one. It is a new kind of peer pressure that we never had to deal with when we were kids.

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