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Cell Phones For Kids

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Many parents are concerned that their children will want cell phones before they are ready for them. For a young child, having a cell phone is something that must be monitored to see that they learn to use them responsibly.

But now parents have a new worry and it is something every Mom and Dad should be aware of. It is called SpoofCard and it is a parent’s nightmare when it comes to cell phones for kids.

With SpoofCard anyone can cheaply go online and impersonate someone else and have the incoming caller ID changed to match the person they are pretending to be. They actually have a term for it: tele spoofing. Please watch the short video below to see how it works:

Obviously we already have the problem of online bullying and text bullying which has gotten a lot of media coverage. With something like SpoofCard there is no telling what kind of evil pranks and damage can be done by kids that are very creative and mean. There is also the ever present concern about child predators and with SpoofCard along with a little information, a predator could call your child and pretend to be you. Very scary!

SpoofCard is something anyone can use to fool your child so it is a danger to them no matter what age they are. Teenagers can be very cruel and use it to play mean pranks on kids they don’t like. The more you think about how creative kids are now days, the more scenarios you can envision where they can use SpoofCard for no good.

There isn’t much parents can do about something like this (because it is apparently legal) ¬†other than to be aware of it and talk to your child about it if you think it necessary. You also might keep a good line of communication open between you and your child by periodically asking them how their phone is working and ask whether anything strange has happened on or with it. The more you and your child trust one another, the more likely they are to tell you if someone “spoofs” them or they hear about others doing it at school.

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