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Cell Phones For Kids

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2012 is here and if it is time to start thinking about getting your child a cell phone, or upgrading the phone they already have, I have put together a list of the different options you have.

If you are a parent of a younger child (ages 5 all the way up to 13 or 14) you might want to get a phone that is simple and has good parental controls. You might also be looking for phone that is prepaid so the child cannot exceed the allotted minutes and charge up a big bill.

Parents of teenagers (anywhere from 13 to 18) may want to get their boy or girl a phone that has a camera, texting, music, Internet access(?), and fewer parental controls, if any. Parents will most certainly also want to know that their child can’t run up a big bill as phone use (minutes and texting) can get out of hand at that age.

Here are the best cell phones for kids for 2012 (and a couple of not so good ones):

KAJEET is my #1 choice for almost any age because of the wide variety of phones and the extensive online parental controls they offer. They are great because you have no activation fee, no termination fee, and no contract. They are a month to month service that even offers an optional GPS locator with each phone for a small added monthly fee. Kajeet’s online parental controls are what set them apart as you are able to choose what hours your child can use the phone, what numbers they can call and accept, as well as other things to make sure your child uses the phone like you want them to. Please read my more extensive Kajeet review to see if this phone service is the right one for you and your child.

LG MIGO VX1000 – **To use this phone you must be a current Verizon customer and add it as an extra line** This phone is specially made with small kids in mind because it fits small hands nicely and it has 4 keys that are numbered and can be programmed by the parents.  There is also an emergency key, power key, and a speakerphone but not much more. The retail price of the LG Migo is $49.99 but you can get a better price here and read some consumer reviews – LG Migo Verizon VX1000

Firefly makes cell phones for kids but the problem is that their website is confusing and frankly, amateurish. They make the GlowPhone and mention the FlyPhone but you can’t find the FlyPhone anywhere on their site. Additionally, there are a lot of bad reviews on Amazon about their phones and service. I suggest you go there to read the reviews at the end of the page on Amazon so that you can make an informed decision before buying – Firefly Cellphone for Kids

Tracfone Wireless is one of the leaders in prepaid phone plans and pay as you go. Their selection of cell phones is from many of the different manufacturers including all the big names. This lets you choose which phone you think would be best for your child and then you can design your cell phone plan based upon your child’s needs. There are no contracts and your choices are pay as you go, plans that are monthly, and annual plans. This is one of your best options if you are looking for prepaid cell phones for kids that are a little older and you don’t care about parental controls. You can also get free shipping through this link – TRACFONE WIRELESS FREE GROUND SHIPPING.

Warning: If you see this cell phone online (TicTalk by Enforma) do not buy it! Their website is not online anymore and the company no longer activates these phones that once were great for kids.

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