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Cell Phones For Kids

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Christmas is on the way and a lot of kids are going to be asking Santa for a cell phone this year. Those that are teenagers and are too old to believe in Santa are probably going to be asking for a new or better phone from you, their parents. Here are a few of the best that are available:

Kajeet – Whether your kid is 7 years old or 17, this is the cell phone company that has the most choices. They have a variety of phones to choose from ranging in price from $24.99 all the way up to $249.99 and they come in several different colors. The best part though is that all Kajeet phones come with no contracts, no activation fees, and no fees for termination. When you buy a Kajeet cell phone for your child you get all sorts of parental controls that you access online. You and your child can decide together what numbers can be called out, what numbers can call in, hours the phone can be used, and many other options like setting limits on texting. These phones also come with optional GPS locator alerts. This is the best all round solution for you and your children no matter what their ages are – Kajeet.

TicTalk™ Mobile Phone – While this phone looks a bit out of the ordinary, it is a popular one. With the TicTalk you get a pay as you go phone plan and it is a good phone for parents of young kids that want to have control over what their kids can and can’t do on a phone.  The TicTalk is meant for communication to preselected numbers and not much more. It does have some kid’s educational games from LeapFrog though will keep your child occupied for a while. You can get a great price here from Amazon –Tic Talk Parent Controlled Cell Phone

Tracfone Wireless is one of the leaders in pay as you go plans and phones. They have a big selection of phones from many manufacturers which include all the big name companies. This means you are able to choose which phone you think is best for your child or teenager. You design your own cell phone plan and there are no contracts to worry about: your choices are pay as go, monthly plans, annual plans all of which do not have contracts so they are great for kids. There aren’t any parental controls with this one like there are with the other two though. You can also get free shipping through this link – TRACFONE WIRELESS FREE GROUND SHIPPING.

For a more complete list of the phones for kids that are available this year please go to best cell phones for kids.


  1. N. Green Says:

    And are they all asking! Seems like mine have all jumped on the bandwagon and all 3 are wanting one…my eldest an upgrade, and the other two their first phones.
    One you don’t make mention of here is Net10. My oldest son’s been using Net10 for about 18months now, and I have to say we are duly impressed with their coverage and low monthly rate. The c/minute has come down a bit more…he now gets 200 minutes for the $15 it costs us. I’ve been doing a bit of research to see what will suit us best to have all 3 boys with cellphones, and I actually think we will be staying with Net10. The oldest can move up to a better plan…perhaps the $25, 750 minute one and the other two onto the $15. With me using the unlimited plan at $50, it means the 4 of us will all be connected for just over $100, with the appropriate amount of minutes each. Really a varied selection of both minutes and handsets, without breaking the bank!

  2. travis27 Says:

    My son has been begging for a cellphone for ever and he is ony 9 years old. I searched the web and the different plans, prepaids and models. Even thought I the cool phones like that Tic Talk, my son won’t go for that, he wants a ‘real’ cellphone. I’m in a really hard place now, because I need to be sure to have him in a pay as you go. I really can’t afford to have any surprises or huge bills. I Thought about tracfone or net10 and you make a great point about tracfone, no contracts sounds good. Can you recomend a ‘cool’ equipment for a nine year old?

  3. Ashley Says:

    Personally I would go with the Kajeet phones because there are a lot to choose from and they are real but with all the parental controls you would ever need. No chance of running up the bill either from my understanding as you can’t get charged for more than your plan. The $14.99 plans give your child 60 minutes and unlimited texts. You might look into Kajeet before you make a decision.


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