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Cell Phones For Kids

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If you are a parent looking into cell phones for kids or perhaps thinking about getting your child one, there is something you need to be aware about.

Kids today are very inventive (weren’t they always) and they don’t want their parents interfering with their cell phone use. There is something called the mosquito ringtone (also knows as Teen Buzz, Mozzy Tone, and Ultra Sonic Ringtone) that can be downloaded for free from the Internet that they can hear but most adults cannot.

You see, as we grow older, our ears start to lose the ability to hear higher frequencies. It is similar to the high pitch sound of a dog whistle that can be heard by dogs but is totally silent to humans. With the higher frequencies, most adult’s ears lose the ability to hear them while young kids and teenager can hear them just find.

What is happening is that with these mosquito ringtones your child may have downloaded and have on his or her phone, they can hear their cell phone ring but any adult cannot. This means they can call each other right in the middle of class and the teacher will not hear the phone ring!

This is something all parents should be aware of. If you are concerned about the style of phone to get and how it should be used, make note that any phone that has access to the Internet may be able to get one of these ringtones that you can’t hear. And with technology being what it is, perhaps your child can even figure out how to get it onto phones that don’t connect to the Internet.

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