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Cell Phones For Kids

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It’s 2015 and now it is VERY common for young kids to have cell phones. How young? Even some children in kindergarten show up to school with a phone as some parents clearly view cell phones as a safety device. Older kids (now classified as those as young as 6th and 7th graders) want smart phones and preferably an iPhone if they can talk their parents into one. Many parents give their kids their old smart phones when they upgrade to the newer models.

But what about young kids who are just getting their first phone? Are you a parent who wants your young children to have a phone for safety (especially after the school shootings in the news) but NOT anything more than something simple that is made just for basic use? Would you like lots of parental controls so that you can make sure your child isn’t doing more with a phone than they are supposed to?

Here is a list of the best younger kids cell phones that are available in 2014:

Kajeet – This is a cell phone company that has a variety of cell phones available for young children all the way up to teenagers. With Kajeet you have no contracts, no activation fees, and no fees for terminaton. What distinguished these phones from the rest is that parents can control (through an online dashboard) all sorts of things like hours the phone is to be used, what numbers can be called and accepted, as well a GPS locator with automatic locator alerts. You can find out more to see whether this phone company and phones are what you and your child are looking for – Kajeet.

LG MIGO VX1000**You need to be a Verizon customer for this phone** This is a very basic small cell phone that is made specifically for young children. It fits small hands nicely and only has 4 numbered keys which the parent programs with the four numbers the child is allowed to call. Additionally there is a power key, emergency key, and speakerphone. This phone retails for $79.99 and you can buy it here on Amazon – LG Migo Verizon VX1000

Firefly glowPhone– This is another phone designed for preteens and children you think are too young to have a lot of features. The glowPhone does have voice mail but not a lot of other features. There are two big programmable keys meant for calling Mom and Dad but you can program any number into them. Parents can also set the glowPhone up where only certain numbers can be called out and recieved. This phone retails for $49.99 but you can get a better price here –Firefly GlowPhone

Tracfone Wireless is a leader in pay as you go phones and plans. They have a large selection of phones from many different manufacturers including all the big names which means you can choose which phone you think is best for your child or teenager. You design your own cell phone plan and there are no contracts to worry about: your choices are pay as go, monthly plans, annual plans all of which do not have contracts so they are great for kids. You can also get free shipping through this link – TRACFONE WIRELESS FREE GROUND SHIPPING.

3 Responses to “BEST CELL PHONES FOR KIDS 2015”

  1. Haley Says:

    My boys have kajeet phones! Prepaid, no contract service with free parental controls that give me piece of mind. I set up the restrictions that are age appropriate for example, my 9 yr old’s is essentially just an emergency phone. I pay $4.99 a month and turned the restrictions up so that no one can call/text him except mom, dad and grandma. My older boys phones wont accept or make calls/text during school hours or after bedtime. I pay $14.99 and they have unlimited text/60 talk minutes which works well for us. (They are texters, not talkers!) My 14yr old’s phone has been set to not allow picture messages because of some that my husband and I deemed inappropriate. When he matures, we will turn that setting back on. We love our kajeet phones and they give us piece of mind.

  2. Rachel Says:

    These days kids having cell phones is ever so popular. I got my child a cell phone to ease my mind and know that I can get a hold of him when needed. I went with Tracfone and got a great phone for $20.00. His service averages less than $7 a month when I buy a $20 airtime card, which provides 60 minutes of airtime and three months of service. His Tracfone has given me the safety and security of a wireless phone without the problems of a contract and monthly fees.

  3. Anne Lyn Says:

    I agree with you Rachel, my kids were diving me crazy to get them cell phons…”all my friends have one” if only I get a penny for everytime I hear that! I was worried I’d be stuck with huge bills until I discoved Tracfone, now not only they are happy, but also they learn to control their expenses. And they are very good about it, they don’t spend more than 25 a month and their phones were cheap too. I’m a happy Tracfone customer and so are them!


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