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Cell Phones For Kids

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If you are in the market for kids cell phones, you have probably come across the name Kajeet. What exactly is Kajeet and what do you have to do to get it?

Kajeet is a pay as you go cell phone service from Sprint that is made just for kids and their parents. Children are wanting cell phones at such a young age that many parents don’t know what to do. This is where Kajeet comes in as they have a service where there is no monthly contract and it give parents control over many of the features of the phone.

You can buy Kajeet phones on their website or on Ebay. Some of the phones are very basic and are great for younger kids who don’t need much. If your child wants a phone with lots of features (like texting, music, camera, etc), there are those types of phones available as well. No matter how simple or advanced the phone though, the Kajeet service will give parents control over things such as minutes allowed and any other feature they want to control.

There is an optional GPS locator feature that costs $9.99 per month to use. You will then be able to go online and see where your child is at any time (assuming they have the phone with them). All the parental controls can be accessed and set online. You and your child can sit down and decide together what you want to have control over and set the rules for the phone.

The Kajeet service is made for kids as well as parents. It has the features kids love and gives parents the control they need. If you are looking for cell phones for kids and are wondering where to go, give Kajeet a try. Check out the Kajeet phones on Ebay to get an even cheaper price than on their website.

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