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Cell Phones For Kids

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Kajeet is the company that knows what both kids want and parents want when it comes to cell phones. Looking for the right cell phones for kids can be daunting for many parents and that is where Kajeet comes in. They have the phones that kids love and those phones also have the controls that lets parents sleep well at night. Their service is also for tweens who want phones but the parents are a little skeptical.

One of the most important things about the Kajeet service is that there are NO contracts, NO activation fees, and NO termination fees. This is a pay as you go service that is designed for kids and you can change your plan at any time. No longer will you have to worry about what fees or charges will show up each month that your kid unknowingly racked up.

The Kajeet service uses the nationwide Sprint service but you don’t sign up through Sprint: you sign up with Kajeet. There are 5 different monthly plans to choose from starting as low as $4.99 per month up to $50.00 per month and all but the cheapest plan comes with unlimited text messages (nice!). There is also a separate wallets feature where you can have your child pay money for some of the calls or texts they want and the rest comes out of your pocket.


Kajeet gives parents all sorts of online controls and that is what sets them apart from any competitors. You will have an online dashboard where you can decide what hours the phone can be used as well as what numbers you want to block. You can block both incoming and outgoing numbers and texts that you don’t want your child calling or getting calls from.

GPS is something many parents want and for $7.99 per month additional on any plan, your child’s phone will be set up with this feature. A parent can go online at anytime to see where the phone is (hopefully your child will be with it). Additionally, a schedule can be set up online that will automatically locate the phone up to five times a day and send the parent an email that you can view on any mobile device so you don’t have to be on a computer to know where your child is.

Children are asking for cell phones at such an early age that many parents don’t know what to do. This is where Kajeet comes in and why the company was started. Now you can get the fun phones your kids want as well as the controls to monitor their behavior that you as a parent need!



It’s 2015 and now it is VERY common for young kids to have cell phones. How young? Even some children in kindergarten show up to school with a phone as some parents clearly view cell phones as a safety device. Older kids (now classified as those as young as 6th and 7th graders) want smart phones and preferably an iPhone if they can talk their parents into one. Many parents give their kids their old smart phones when they upgrade to the newer models.

But what about young kids who are just getting their first phone? Are you a parent who wants your young children to have a phone for safety (especially after the school shootings in the news) but NOT anything more than something simple that is made just for basic use? Would you like lots of parental controls so that you can make sure your child isn’t doing more with a phone than they are supposed to?

Here is a list of the best younger kids cell phones that are available in 2014:

Kajeet – This is a cell phone company that has a variety of cell phones available for young children all the way up to teenagers. With Kajeet you have no contracts, no activation fees, and no fees for terminaton. What distinguished these phones from the rest is that parents can control (through an online dashboard) all sorts of things like hours the phone is to be used, what numbers can be called and accepted, as well a GPS locator with automatic locator alerts. You can find out more to see whether this phone company and phones are what you and your child are looking for – Kajeet.

LG MIGO VX1000**You need to be a Verizon customer for this phone** This is a very basic small cell phone that is made specifically for young children. It fits small hands nicely and only has 4 numbered keys which the parent programs with the four numbers the child is allowed to call. Additionally there is a power key, emergency key, and speakerphone. This phone retails for $79.99 and you can buy it here on Amazon – LG Migo Verizon VX1000

Firefly glowPhone– This is another phone designed for preteens and children you think are too young to have a lot of features. The glowPhone does have voice mail but not a lot of other features. There are two big programmable keys meant for calling Mom and Dad but you can program any number into them. Parents can also set the glowPhone up where only certain numbers can be called out and recieved. This phone retails for $49.99 but you can get a better price here –Firefly GlowPhone

Tracfone Wireless is a leader in pay as you go phones and plans. They have a large selection of phones from many different manufacturers including all the big names which means you can choose which phone you think is best for your child or teenager. You design your own cell phone plan and there are no contracts to worry about: your choices are pay as go, monthly plans, annual plans all of which do not have contracts so they are great for kids. You can also get free shipping through this link – TRACFONE WIRELESS FREE GROUND SHIPPING.

My 5 Year Old Wants A Phone!

Thats right….just 5 years old and he is already asking every week for a cell phone because several kids in his day care have them.

It happens so fast: first they start with the iPad watching cartoons on Netflix and other places. The iPad becomes the first thing they ask for every morning and they will keep trying whether you let them have it or not. Then they discover Siri and think that she is a real person. Siri can keep a youngster occupied for quite some time and she becomes the gateway for them to make calls and use FaceTime. 

Whether you give your child access to a tablet or a phone, they will quickly learn that cell phones are a connection to the outer world and to people like Grandma and Grandpa. Then they start wanting their own phone because who wants to struggle with parents all the time who try to limit their time on the various devices?

I didn’t know what a phone was when I was five years old and it was probably many years before I did. But things are different now and kids wan’t to be “connected” just like their parents do. 

Unfortunately we have a new addiction problem: no longer is it alcohol or drugs but instead the lure of electronic devices that can and are totally dominating our lives. 


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